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Last Updated: Fri 03 Jan 2020, 3:37:21

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Age: 32
Sign: Sagittarius

Country: United States
Signup Date: January 03, 2020

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Let's start shall we

1.) We are a premade site, we take our time to make this wonderful edits for you guys! We only ask to be respectful and please comment on what you take and give us credit.

2.) NO DRAMA, we don't allow drama in this site, we are a zero tolerance against drama and we would like to keep it drama free!!

3.) No stealing don't just add us and steal our work that is not acceptable, would you go to someone else's house and steal something? I don't think so, we will know if you have stolen from us. Just comment on what you take and we will be happy that you will be using our premades.

4.)We do have busy life so we will try to finish custom work when we can but of course we will let you know when your premade would be done, we will post it on the stream and on the albums.

5. Affiliates: We would love to be other site affiliates the more the better, we also can share people out in streams or bulletins, soon we will make our own banner so you can just copy and paste it into the bulletins.

6.) Not following this rules will cause on removing you from this page and putting you on the not to add list, and it will be past around other premades sites as well to be warned.

7.)We will have custom premades which means we will charge a fee to have them done for you, we will do from default photos, manipulations to doorknockers. The prices will go up once we set up our page and it's running beautifully.  We accept PAYPAL only!

8.)If you have read this far it's mean you actually took your time and read every single sentence which means that you actually read them. now comment with your favorite lyric from Linkin Park and what why that lyric means to you!" or What others kind music that's you like the most back in the 90's or 2000 music.

9.) Thank you for reading this rules and we will do our best to make as many premades as we can, we will also have promotions and contests! So stay tune!

Our Content is on the left side of the rules.

-Ringwald & Angela Weber

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