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Age: 117
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Turkey
Signup Date: December 17, 2019

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Edit request form
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you can request a main up by answering these questions and sending them to me in a message. Please do not ask for so many.. It does take time to edit.
1. Name of Playbyplay:
2. Name of Character:
3. Tagline of Character:
4.  Eye color: 
Example: red, blue, gold, white, and so on.
5. A particular background: 
example: Gothic or fantasy. 
6. Text Color/style:
Example: Gold/ Old English or Script
7. Blood spatters or other edits added:
example: flames and or gif added to steal

Gif request
1. Name of Playbyplay:
2. Name of Character:
3. How many gifs:
4. Stack or not to stack:

1. Name of Playbyplays:
2. Name of Characters:
3. Special Quote Or saying:
4. Background:
5. Extra:

Note: I can not do pregnancy photos or photos that need to have their faces swapped just yet.Those are a little harder and if I tried to do face Swap it would look really odd.

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