Malantha Sultan{Shadow Witch}{Descendant of Osman + Boudicca}{Cousin to Isis + Valentina}{Ut In Veteribus}

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Age: 117
Sign: Capricorn

Country: Turkey
Signup Date: December 17, 2019

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rules please follow
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I do not claim to be the actress that I mainly use nor any of the other ones. However, each picture I use is edited. DO NOT STEAL. if you steal you are sheer lazy.. Go edit your own shit.
I do not claim to be Malantha,however, I am the one who is the person behind creating her and anything about her. Do not steal my storyline or bio. Go come up with your own.

Rules: Follow or be deleted
1. I am very busy in real give me time to reply you. If you continuously try to get me to reply through messaging over and over again then I will delete you without warning. It's rude.
2. Do not come to me about sexual rp. I will not do it with anyone but the person behind this character's mate. Respect that or fuck off.
3. No children allow or those who can not take dark rp. This includes horror(gore), religious(occult), and etc. 
4. Multi-Para to novella please only. I will not answer anything less especially just a oneliner. Oneliners will be ignored.
5. Godmoding: Not allowed.I'll control my character and you can control yours.
6. NO stalking allowed on my profile. I have already had to deal with Cyberstalking and frankly I'm over it. Go fuck off.
7. Though crossovers are welcome they have to be in reason. This character is considered ancient verse. She is the daughter of Suleiman the Magnificent and works for that timeline. Though she may go into modern verse there may not be a time when she used a cell. She does not use modern tech.
8. Do not ask for my personal information. I'm not going to give it to you. Been there done that. There is only one person that I trust with anyone on here which is my mate.
9. When it comes to editing if you would like one please ask. However, please give me time to do so.Thank you.
10. This is probably the most important rule. Malantha has only one master,lover, alpha, king, and husband. She has known no others nor would she ever call anyone else that. She will treat others with respect as long as they can do the same but that position is taken. Malantha is his and his only.
I will not do erotica role play with anyone but one person. It has been this way for awhile and will not change.. if you do not like it please remove yourself. 
All for now.
sign and make sure to follow or you will be deleted.
Shahmam Malantha Teboria.

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