Terms of Service

Cyberstalking: Continuous looking at another person profile. If you continue to add them or try to talk to them after they have blocked or deleted, you. This would be considered to be stalking. If they feel threatened in anyway about something that you have done without being in character. Gathering up their personal information and using it for your own purposes. If anyone comes to us saying that you are cyberstalking them with proof that you are than you will get one warning. If you do not stop than you will be banned.

Cyberbullying: Using this site to cyberbully someone just because you feel that you can, will not be allowed. This means you make it your personal mission to go after them, slander them, put them down outside of character, going after them on other formats. If they come to us with proof that you are doing this then you will be warned only once.

Playbyplays: Though people do not own playbyplays, if you are caught repeatedly changing your playbyplay after adding someone or if someone has proof that you have changed your playbyplay soon after acceptation on their list or denial. You will be warned. If you are caught stealing anyone's work, you will be warned only once.

Do not send any complaints to the staff's actual profiles. Those profiles are for roleplay purposes only. Any complaints or issues must be sent to the admin profile in order for them to be looked into.†

All accusations must have proof to back it up in order for the staff to make this site a place that all roleplayers can create their stories.

Memberís: You must be at least 18 years of age to role play on this site. Content to include pics, story lines and other material may not be suitable for underage viewers; therefore, we are not held responsible for any minor who is left unsupervised to sign-up or distribute any information within our site. By joining our site, you agree that you are 18 years of age and old enough to be responsible for your own actions.

Profiles exhibiting any child pornography or content are not allowed. So, if you prefer to do Shit like this then move on. I the Owner do not allow child sex acts of any kind on this site and would not give off any warning you will be deleted and banned.

Drama:We all know drama may happen from time to time. However, you are all supposed to act like adults. If the drama gets too out of hand and the staff must step in there that is a major issue. Furthermore, keep you real drama off this site. We are not Facebook or therapists. We are here to have fun and escape from our own lives.† If you rant OCC: you can get a warning not to do that. Again this is not Facebook, telling us that you are going through something is fine. The details of it should be left out.

Shout Box:The Shout box is not to be used as a way to attack each other. If there is excessive drama within the shout box, be prepared to be warned to stop. If the drama does not stop or the attacks then the person doing the attacking or drama will be removed without warning.

Warnings: You get one warning to stop whatever is going against the TOS. If you are being accused of something and can provide the proof that you are innocent than the warning will go away. It is a one warning policy for this site. Please keep that in mind.

We are all adults here please act like it. Do not give out personal information to people you do not trust. The staff is not responsible for what happens on other sites. We can only protect you on this site and this alone.

Do not bring any drama from another site onto this site. We are to be separate from any other site. If you have a problem with someone try to talk it out or simply delete and block them. Again if they continue to come after you, that is when you are to go to the admin profile with the proof and give the complete. From there it is out of your hands and in the hands of the staff. If you are the one who is doing such a thing you will get one warning to stop after that you will be banned.

The staff will discuss among one another of any issue that is brought up to provide the best judgement. In other words, don't piss off the staff or the owner. The staff is only here as a last resort.

Nudity:†If you have any nudity on your profile make it private. Any photos of adult content must be put into a private album and set as†18+ or something to that effect. Yes! We are all adults, but we want this site to be a classy site. If you are looking for that go to another site that is more towards that style. Remember keep it classy.


As a Role player I have watch you both start drama. I have watch you both steal hard working Role player's Story's and taken last name claiming them as your own. I have watch as you disrespect Owners of other Roleplaying sites.